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We provide

sustainable advice


Verantio offers all kinds of (technical) advice, guidance and support throughout the life-cycle of your project. Advice which means you understand and get what is going to happen.

As a result, you make the right tactical and strategic decisions and make choices at the right time. You can see our advisers as an extension of your company and thus your future. Take us with you, challenge us and take advantage of our knowledge.

Each work should have clear and well-defined deliverables which draws upon and applies existing knowledge from Best Practices and expertise. Your organization would expect to own the outcome of the work.


Our engineering services

At Verantio we provide everything from turnkey construction to plant expansions and retrofit projects, and offer in-house expertise such as;

Before we can provide optimal and effective consultancy services, we need the foundation. Our experts have work for organizations just like yours, thus we understand your “language”. Then together with you we can look at what you need. In the current era where minimizing expenditure or non-availability time of your asset is increasingly playing a role in the background, we also see this as a huge opportunity and tailor our consultancy services to your needs.


In short, together with you and our appropriate experts we make the (most cost effective) choices that are right for you to safeguard the technical integrity of your asset. Afterall, it is all about spending the budget correctly.

Check here for our Integrity Support or Engineering expertise.

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