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in engineering


We are an independent engineering firm and our multidiscipline engineering department advises in the field construction, modification and rehab projects. Each project, but follows international guidelines, local regulations, the wishes of the client and the technical possibilities.

With a team of enthusiastic multidiscipline engineers, we offer solutions that work. Thanks to our flexible attitude, expertise and good consultation with our client and the other contractors (if involve), good results are achieved technically, safely and financially.

Our engineering services

At Verantio we provide everything from turnkey construction to plant expansions and retrofit projects, and offer in-house expertise such as:

The strength of Verantio lies in its multidiscipline team, no-nonsense mentality, professionalism and reliability. We have a passion for our work and every project is therefore seen as a challenge to harmoniously integrate your wishes, Best Practice, technical possibilities and the legal requirements without jeopardizing your business objective. Short communication lines and a personal approach make us an excellent member of your team.

Check here for our Interity Support or Consultancy expertise.

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